Operating system interaction predicates

The predicates in this library try to tidy up, shorten, rationalise and extned OS predicates and their naming conventions.

This library has been developed and (only) tested on linux systems. It should work on other OSes as well as it only uses Prolog calls.

Ideally we would like to call the pack os, however SWI does not allow pack names that are shorter than 3 characters.


In SWI It is highly recommended that you install from within by using its package manager.
To install simply do:

?- pack_install(os_lib).

And then load by:
?- [library(os)].
?- [library(os_lib)].


module documentation: os_lib.hml
sources: packs/os_lib


This library depends on packs: requires, options and pack_errors.
Pack requires is picked interactively during installation.
Whereas packs: options and pack_errors are interactively installed during first load.

A transcript of a successful full installation can be found here: tscript.txt


Nicos Angelopoulos
March, 2017